Door Access Control
Control who enters your premises and who doesn’t

About Door Access Control System

Door access control is a security system that regulates and manages who can enter or exit a building, room, or specific area. This technology is employed to enhance security by restricting unauthorized access and monitoring the movements of individuals within a facility. This system is widely used in various environments, including commercial buildings, offices, residential complexes, educational institutions, and government facilities

Real-time Monitoring

Users can remotely check live view, unlock door, check event logs and more, through the APP on their smartphones.

Integration Capabilities

Can be integrated with other security systems for a holistic security approach. With Intelligent Security API, Access Control Gateway API, APP OpenAPI, Software OpenAPI, and the Database/CSV/TXT this enabled to integrate the system into the door access terminal.


Allows for dynamic access management based on roles and responsibilities. Not only that multiple access method available, including card, PIN code, fingerprint, face, and iris. The door access system also supports web or GUI configuration.