High Rise Littering Solution
Prevent high rise littering, improve life quality

About High Rise Littering Solution

In the bustling urban landscape of high-rise buildings, the challenge of littering poses a significant threat to the aesthetics, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life for residents. The challenges associated with high rise littering are diverse and with a solution to tackle the problem, residents and pedestrian can rest knowing they are well protected.

Improved Public Safety

Addressing high-rise littering reduces health risks associated with unsanitary conditions. Proper waste disposal minimizes the attraction of pests and rodents, creating a healthier living environment for residents. It also deters killer-litters as the chance of them getting caught is increased.

Efficient Monitoring

Implementing effective solutions streamlines management processes within high-rise buildings, providing central management platform for the high-rise littering events. Users may enable the real-time alarm pop-up, check alarm details and export the event report and video.

Technological Innovation

Integration of smart camera technology based high-rise littering detection algorithm not only improves efficiency but also showcases a commitment to innovative solutions, reflecting positively on the community’s modern living standards. Complete image, video and alarm evidence in video recorder could also be use for retrieval and tracking purposes.