Video Intercom Solution
Monitor who is at the door remotely

About Video Intercom Solution

A Video Intercom System serves as a crucial layers of security, allowing you to visually confirm the identities of visitors before granting them access. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized entries and enhances overall safety.
Designed for individuals and businesses alike, the intercom system prioritizes security and convenience with easy contact access in any setting, be it residential or commercial. With various intercom systems available to suit your needs.

Enhanced Security

Visual verification of visitors before granting access enhances security, makes it convenient to check the visitor’s identity via face-to-face video intercom calls and unlock doors remotely. By integrating with CCTV systems, and with advanced camera and Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, the security levels becomes vastly increased.

Monitoring and SurveillanCE

Video intercom systems often include recording capabilities, allowing users to review historical footage for security purposes or to monitor activities around the property. Users can receive calls and unlock doors remotely via the mobile app or via the touchscreen of their indoor station.


Enables communication with visitors without the need to physically approach the entry point. The intercom units can also serve as a unified control center for homes and businesses, delivering a new level of convenience for various environment scenarios.