Virtual Guard Tour
Reduce manpower cost by up to 75%

About Virtual Guard Tour

A virtual guard tour is a modern and technology-driven approach to security management. In traditional security setups, physical security guards patrol designated areas to ensure the safety and security of a facility. In a virtual guard tour system, this process is enhanced and streamlined through the use of various technologies

Efficient and Cost Effective

Virtual guard tours streamline the security patrol process, making it more efficient and reducing the likelihood of human error. Reduces costs to deploy more manpower while remaining effective. It is one of easiest way to provide checks for remote sites or better alternative to a physical patrol or presence on site.

Documentation and Reports

Virtual guard tour systems often generate detailed reports and logs, providing a comprehensive overview of security activities. These reports can be valuable for compliance, audits, and investigations.

Integration with Other Security Systems

Virtual guard tour systems can be integrated with other security technologies such as video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. This integration creates a more robust and interconnected security infrastructure. Artificial Intelligence coupled with advanced video analytics conducts virtual patrols automatically while a guard monitors the cameras from a control room.